Earn To Die
Earn To Die
Earn To Die
Earn To Die
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Earn To Die

Earn To Die


You can navigate a zombie apocalypse by driving! Are you prepared to drive to the death? A larger and better version of the popular online game that received over 150 million plays has been redesigned and re-engineered for the App Store.

Key Features: Earn to Die

● A brand new and extended STORY MODE which sees you driving cross-country during a zombie apocalypse

● 8 VEHICLES at your disposal, including a race-car, a truck and even a school bus!

● UPGRADES GALORE! Just unlocking a vehicle isn't enough, customise each vehicle with a range of upgrades

● Zombiesssssssssssss... Plenty of zombies... Be sure to introduce them to your car's front bumper

● A realistic ragdoll physics engine that allows you to crash into zombies and send them flying!

● Awesome animated sequences

● GAME CENTER support

● CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS for the best time in Championship Mode

● Survived the zombie apocalypse? Smash through pumpkins and unlock ACHIEVEMENTS in the brand new HALLOWEEN MODE

Game developer

Not Doppler




Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play